Sunday, January 6, 2019

Be Careful on Visa for Airports jn Australia

Today is January 6, 2019 I am at the Denpasar International airport. I arrived here at 20.00 or eight at night and right now I am writing this entry at 23.06

Three hoars gone since I arrived here.

I want supposed to check in at 08.00pm and my plane has already departed for Brisbane at 22.10.

I was refused to check in because the Malindo Air from Denpasar to Brisbane is not issuing my boarding pass.

The counter told me I need to entery visa number for Australia in order to my boarding pass to be printed.

I stepped back,  asked the person who bought my ticket. I got two replies. The first one is that it is OK if it is less than 8 hours layover in Australia.

The second answer was a screenshot sent to me saying "no visa required" in the ticketing office website

Of course both did not help.

I asked my colleague to ask the ticketing office but no luck

My advice for other travellers

Especially those holding Asian and African passports should know that entering into Australia is not easy. We need to avoid any flights transit in Australia and use transfer in Asia instead.

Secondly we need to make sure when traveling via the USA to r Australia that we need to book and buy tickets when they connecting flight is the same airline. If not then you need to check out and if you need to check out then you will need visa..

those who are traveling to Melaneaia my advice is to choose the Asia routes not Australia ones. To go to Vanuatu I suggest you to use Fiji Airlines. To go to PNG it is cheaper and safer to use Phillipines Airlines. Just avoid Australia totally.

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